5 Tips For Traveling To Russia For The World Cup

If you are a real football fan then you must be thinking of heading to Russia now. The World Cup is knocking at the door and fans from around the world are going to Russia to support their favorite team. If you have been lucky enough to get a ticket for the World Cup and have made all the plans to go there, then here are some tips that can help you.

Have your travel documents

Your passport should be valid at least for six months after the expiry date of your visa. If you have a World Cup ticket, then you can get a Fan-ID which is also a valid travel document. Using the Fan-ID you can enter and exit Russia multiple times. It will be valid from 4 June to 25 July. The last date to enter Russia is 15th July.

You must register in every host city you visit within 24 hours. You can do the registration at your hotel. You must carry your passport with you all the time. The Russian police may stop you at any time and ask for travel documents.


There are no such restrictions on bringing laptops or other electronic gadgets for personal use. But these may be inspected at the airport. If you bring any medicine, you must have a doctor’s letter with you.

Know the law

You should behave respectfully towards others during your stay. You should avoid any collision with the local police. In the past, foreigners have been victims of mistreatment by the law-enforcement authorities. So, be careful. The traffic police may stop you if you are driving a car and collect cash fines for no reason.

Be careful when making friends

You should never go to a bar or club with a person you have just met. There are criminals on the streets of Russia and you may get robbed. You may be a victim of fraud if you try to become friends with total strangers. There is a political tension between UK and Russia. So, if you are a UK national, you must be careful.

Be careful when drinking

You won’t get alcohol at the stadium during the matches. In certain locations of the city, the sale of alcohol will be banned on the days and evenings of matches. Even if you find alcohol in some shops, you won’t be able to buy it from 11 pm to 8 am. You may be jailed for drinking and driving.

Your safety and health must be the prior concerns. Lots of road accidents happen in Russia, so you need to be careful when you are on the road. The tap water here is not drinkable. So, you must drink clean mineral water.

You should avoid going to tattoo parlors to avoid the risk of having HIV. It is a very exciting time for you to see the World Cup, but you must stay safe all the time and don’t get into any big problem during your stay there.